Quality is providing products which meet customer needs and expectations over the life of the product.
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An extension of your engineering department since 1988.
August  29, 2016


Kaltec is located in Monticello, MN and provides high quality technical services to a wide range of company sizes.

Data Management Services
Affordable Network Design and Build. Kaltec offers Cloud Computing Data Management Plans and Managed Service plans to support your IT infrastructure.  Our Management Plans include 24/7 Monitoring for Servers and Desktop computers.

Professional Design Services
Kaltec's product design group provides a full cycle development program. Conceptual design to solid modeling to delivery of finished - production grade components of any complexity.

Kaltec provides quality engineering and IT computer network services
"The responsibility of protecting company data is great. Kaltec understands and educates you with proven standards that promote business longevity."
Kaltec Technology Center is located in Monticello, MN.
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Kaltec of Minnesota launches new website

Kaltec delivers predictable, pro-active IT management and computer networking services. Kaltec can get IT under control with a custom plan that meets your business needs and budget..

Kaltec is a Microsoft Partner and specializes in Microsoft Technology

Manage your customers and projects, emails and data from one central dashboard. Eris brings organization to your business.

Eris is a document management platform

Reduce IT investment with managed network hosting and server virtualization.

Virtual servers provide scalable data center management
Conceptual design process and 3D Contour Profiling. Components are delivered in a testable, marketable state.
Production quality prototypes with rapid deliver times
Kaltec is an extension of your engineering department. Since 1988 we have completed countless projects in many industries.

Quality engineering services in Monticello, MN
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